Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Another great product that you should try...

First of all, no one wanted free stuff?!?!  I did not get one comment on my TriSwim give-a-way post, so I will not look to Facebook to see if any of those people want to try it.

Now onto the another product I just tried and think you should know about. This past weekend, I tried Scape Athlete Sunblock fr the first time, and let me tell you, it does exactly what it says it does.  You don't always get that these days.  Scape claims to be a sunblock for athletes that allow them to apply in the morning and not have to reapply for the rest of the day.  It is sweat proof and waterproof.  Scape was started by Dr. Nic Martens who has a PhD in Biochemistry and spent 13 years developing products for Neutragena. He partnered with Craig Alexander to introduce the product to the public.  This past Saturday, I went for a 40 mile ride in 75% humidity and 85 degrees at ride time.  Usually, I am plagued my burning eye from sweat pouring into them.  This past Saturday, that did not happen.  I used the Facestick application and it worked great!  It went on clean and allowed my skin to breathe throughout the ride, yet I was left reassured that my skin was protected by 50 SPF protection.  I like to judge how well a product is made by whether or not I would purchase it again.  I will be going out purchase more Scape, specifically the Sunblock Spray, which would be a welcome addition in my race bag.  Great job Scape! Check them out at!

The Full and Half Rev triathlon at Cedar Point is around the corner.  Are you registered?  I am.  Hope to see you there!

Keep training and keep smiling!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

First things you like roller coasters?  DO you like triathlons?  If the answer to both of these is yes, you need to sign up for the half or full distance triathlons offered by Rev3 in Cedar Point, OH on September 12th.  Check them out!

Now comes the other fun part...being a part of Team Trakkers, I have had the opportunity to use some pretty cool products.  Some of my favorites are the products offered by SBR Sports Inc. which include Tri-Swim, Foggle and Tri-Slide.  I use the Tri-Swim shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion every single week after swimming.  It definitely gets the chlorine out of your hair and off your body and keeps you from smelling like a walking swimming pool.  The Foggle is simply the best goggle defogger I have ever used!  It comes in a towelette form.  All you do is wipe goggles with the Foggle and let dry.  The great part is after you use it, store the Foggle wipe in a air tight bag, and you can re-use the wipe up to 8 times. more goggle fog.  Back to the fun part...I have been given some (ok, actually a lot) samples to give out for others to try, and now, I am going to give those away to those of you who read my blog.  In order to win, you only have to do two things....1) Be a follower to this blog.  If you are not, simply sign-up and you are on your way to being eligible. 2) Leave a comment on this blog.  That is it.  Follow me and leave a comment.  I will pick a winner on July 10th and post the winner on that weeks blog.  Winners will be selected through a random number generator to keep it fair. 

Good luck! in the mean time, go check out the products that SBR Sports Inc. has to offer!

Keep training hard and see you in Cedar Point!