Monday, March 14, 2011

Swim help is on the way...

I am not a strong swimmer.  I am not a bad one either (at least I don't think so).  I am pretty much middle of the road.  With Louisville coming up later in the year, I have decided that I want to be a bit more effiecient in my swim.  Being faster would be an added bonus, but I definitely want to finish my swims feeling as fresh as possible heading into the bike.  I have found someone locally here that offers video swim analysis and coaching that I am most likely going to try.  Anyone else out there ever had video swim analysis done for the stroke?  How did it work out for you?

On the training front, things are moving along.  The new bike (Kestrel 4000) is AWESOME!  Rides fast and smooth.  I plan on doing a review on it later in the spring, once I have a few more rides under my belt.

Knoxville is 2 months away and closing in fast.  Hopefully, I will see some of you there.  Keep smiling and keep working hard, you never know who you might be inspiration to:)