Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Offseason stuff...

The offseason is here and my annual 3 month fitness decline is in full effect.  Every year, I vow to not let the offseason effect my workout routine and yet every year, I revert to do-nothing mode like a school kid getting out for summer break.  I then act shocked about how far I have to go to get back in shape for the upcoming season.  Well here I am realizing that I need to get my lazy butt in gear before I fall even more behind for next year. 

I am hoping for 2011 to be a big year.  I'll be doing another Iron distance event next year, and would like to be markedly faster than I was in 2009.  I plan on changing my workout routine, diet routine and even some of my equipment (Kestrel 4000?).  I am really looking forward to the Rev3 series next year as well as the changes to my home-town race (Memphis in May triathlon).  Lots of exciting things are in the future!

As far as offseason workouts/training go, I will be starting a weight program at the first of December that will last about 18 weeks.  I will also be playing some indoor soccer and a little rec league basketball.   From there, I will jump into my 16 week program that will lead to Ironman Louisville.  In between, I plan on doing 4-5 other events. 

What events is everyone else looking at doing in 2011?

On a separate note, what has everyone done to get new followers on their blog?  I am looking for ideas (besides writing more entertaining material:) on how to expand my follower base.

Hope everyone has a good holiday season!