Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cedar Point, here I come...

Well, my race this weekend was a mixed bag of results.  I was faster on both the swim and the bike than the previous year and was well on my way to meeting my goal of 2:3x.......until I got to the run:( Make no mistake, there were no GI issues to blame this time.  Just good ole' plain hotness!  I was over 13 minutes slower on the run this year, due to the fact that heat indexes were 100+ during the run.  I ended up walking which was not my plan, but I had plenty of company out there on the run.  Lots of people walking, struggling just to finish.  The pro's winning times were almost 7 minutes slower than last year, so I guess I can take some solace in that.  On a good note, I really like the direction that my swim and bike are heading.  Now I just need to get the run going in that direction.

Now that Memphis in May is over, I am in full training mode for the Cedar Point half.  I will be drastically changing up my run training over the next few months in hopes of posting a decent time come Sept. 12.  I have a new canister of grape EFS drink that I will be working into the program.  I also have a new pair of Saucony Rides that will get there initial voyage tonight (I will be giving a review on these in a couple of weeks).  No more excuses...time to get to it.  Can't wait to meet my Trakkers teammates at Cedar Point!  I hate that I have missed the first two parties of the season.

Train hard and keep smiling!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Race weekend anticipation....

Ladies and gentleman....start your engines! Race weekend is upon us! I love the feeling of race weekend. You get to test your meddle and the hard work you have put in over the course of your training and see if you can accomplish your goals. It is my favorite part of this whole triathlon game. This weekend is Memphis in May Olympic distance triathlon. It is going to be wind with a heat index of 97...BRING IT! I have a goal to finish in 2:3something. Can I do it? Will it be too hot? Only one way to find out...gotta toe the line:) I will be there in my Trakkers gear, with my Saucony Fastwitch 4's ( with my EFS drink by First Endurance ( Check back next week to see what happened.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New addition

For those who haven't heard, we just added our newest addition to the Scobey family...Stella Claire was born on 5/4/2010! She weighed 8lbs and was 20.5 inches long. She will one day team with her sister, to dominate the triathlon scene. World championships are definitely in their futures. One can dream right?!?! It is amazing how much you forget or maybe even block out about life with a baby when number 2 arrives. The sleepless nights, zombie days and mountains of diaper changes should be things that you don't forget, but somehow, I did. Maybe it is the adorable faces and coos they make that erase the minor inconveniences from your mind. Being a dad is awesome. For the most part, anything do or say, is the coolest thing in the eyes (at least until they hit the teenage years:)). How awesome is that!

Anyways, the training is going ok. I have the Memphis in May Olympic in 2 weeks. I have missed a few days recently, but sill expect to have a pretty good race. I feel pretty confident about the bike and the swim, and I am determined to kick the runs butt. After Memphis in May, I will turn my focus on to the Cedar Point half in September ( I will start a new (and hopefully one that works) nutrition plan, consisting mainly of grape EFS drink and EFS liquid shot ( So lots to come in the near future. I will keep everyone informed of the goings on. Until then, me and my sweet Saucony's are going to hit the pavement while everyone else in the house is napping!