Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cedar Point, here I come...

Well, my race this weekend was a mixed bag of results.  I was faster on both the swim and the bike than the previous year and was well on my way to meeting my goal of 2:3x.......until I got to the run:( Make no mistake, there were no GI issues to blame this time.  Just good ole' plain hotness!  I was over 13 minutes slower on the run this year, due to the fact that heat indexes were 100+ during the run.  I ended up walking which was not my plan, but I had plenty of company out there on the run.  Lots of people walking, struggling just to finish.  The pro's winning times were almost 7 minutes slower than last year, so I guess I can take some solace in that.  On a good note, I really like the direction that my swim and bike are heading.  Now I just need to get the run going in that direction.

Now that Memphis in May is over, I am in full training mode for the Cedar Point half.  I will be drastically changing up my run training over the next few months in hopes of posting a decent time come Sept. 12.  I have a new canister of grape EFS drink that I will be working into the program.  I also have a new pair of Saucony Rides that will get there initial voyage tonight (I will be giving a review on these in a couple of weeks).  No more excuses...time to get to it.  Can't wait to meet my Trakkers teammates at Cedar Point!  I hate that I have missed the first two parties of the season.

Train hard and keep smiling!


  1. And Knoxville was a pretty fun party...

    See you out in Ohio!

    Even when I'm not hot yet, I always grab extra water on the bike (and especially the run). I drink what I need, but then the rest goes over my head. Always.

    Maybe it is just because I overheat faster than others, but if I start to cool myself down before I even heat up, it is a HUGE help for those last miles of the run.