Monday, May 2, 2011

Short and sweet....

I thought I would use this post to do some a couple of very short but sweet product reviews.

First up is the Avia Stoltz.  I have been using the Avia Bolt III for a couple of months and it was light and FAST!  Being a bit larger triathlete, though, longer runs and racing flats don't usually mix well on my feet.  I completed a half marathon in the Bolts, but that is about my limit in the Bolts or any other race flats for that matter.  About two weeks ago, I received my new Avia Stoltz.  Besides looking great (check them out at, they definitely give me that bit of extra cushion to push past the 13 mile barrier my feet had seem to find in racing flats.  The Stoltz are marketed as mainly an off-road shoe, but through talking with Avia, I found out that they make a great road shoe as well.  First thing I noticed was the extra cushion. Very comfortable shoe and unlike other brands cushioned footwear, the Stoltz weigh in at just 10oz!  That is as light as some other's racing flats.  The shoe also comes with speed laces, a microfiber mesh upper (to keep your feet cool) and a gusseted tongue that stays in place.  If you are looking for a good cushioned shoe that can double as a training shoe or a long distance race shoe, give the Avia Stoltz a look. 

Next up I would like to rave about the TYR Nestpro googles (  Best goggle I have ever used...hands down!  These things are light and do not leak.  What more can you ask for in a goggle.  They offer a great range of vision that works well in both the pool and in open water swims.  They also don't leave you with raccoon eyes after long swim sessions!  If it is time to replace your goggle, give the TYR Nestpro's a won't regret it.

Two weeks until Rev3 Knoxville.  I am excited....under trained but excited.  This race has always been on my schedule as a training day as well as a weekend to meet some of my Trakkers teammies.  But with all the rain and severe storms we have had (not to mention the multiple days sprinkled in with no power at the house), I am feeling a little behind on the training.  Regardless, it will be a fun weekend.  Can't wait to see some of you guys there.  Hope everyone else's training is cruising along.  Summer is right around the corner!