Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everyone has a plan until you get punched in the face...

And punched in the face is how Sunday's race started. Looking back, I probably could have trained a bit harder, but I really thought I was ready. I was hoping to finish Sunday's NOLA 70.3 race in a pedestrian 6:15. Not fast by most measure, but a pretty good time for me.

Last year ended kind of bitter sweet for me. I finished Ironman Louisville in only my second year, but ended it by walking almost the entire marathon. The nutrition plan I had been working with all summer, failed miserably on race day. I ended up throwing up 6-7 times in the first 10 miles. Even with all of this, I was hooked. I finished with a smile on my face and a hunger for more.

Back to Sunday...I was in the 3rd from last wave to start. As the morning went on, the wind began to kick up....to the point that when we started to wade out into the water, there were 3 foot swells. I didn't know that could happen in a LAKE! At first, I though it was kinda cool....yeah that ended quickly. I was soon tossed on top of other swimmers and then punched in the face. It was like I had never swam before. I remember my very first race and the hyperventalating that accompanied the swim. Sunday was that times about 10. I actually grabbed onto 3 kayaks to gather my wits. Being from Memphis, we don't get to swim in too many waves. Not the swim I was looking for, but in order to always try to learn from bad times, I now know how to swim in waves. Whatever doesn't kill me, only makes me stronger:)

The bike was pretty uneventful. I was aiming for 20 mph and finished at 19.4. The run had its problems again. Off the bike, my legs felt great, but my stomach did not. I felt bloated and somewhat nauseous for most of the run. This is two straight races this has happened and has lead me to reevaluate my nutrition plan and to also focus more on my running. I have never been a fast runner, but in training, I also have never had these issues. Back to the drawing board!

Despite the issues I had during the race, I continue to be sucked in by the sport. I got to see Trakkers Elite members Dede and Jacqui finish in he top 8 (Dede smoked the swim)! I caught my brother on the bike and was able to do the entire run course with him. I smiled a lot and thanked a ton of volunteers on the course. Overall, I had a fun weekend. And as always, continue to be hooked on this sport....whether I have to go back to the drawing board or not:)

Go Team Trakkers....and down with K-Swiss/Trek:)


  1. Excellent job on the race and way to represent Memphis!

  2. I'm wondering if you inhaled a lot of water on the swim because of the waves? Thoughts? That could effect your nutrition in several ways, over hydration for what you were planning, or possibly diluted electrolytes in your system due to the high concentration of pure water. Just a thought here?
    I love that you continue to keep a good attitude and continue to learn. Post your nutrition report in the FE site and see if someone has something to say!