Friday, January 7, 2011

Time for a GIVE-A-WAY!

Since so many of you guys are swimming indoors this time a year, I will attempt to do another give-a-way!  I have a few more samples of Tri Swim for those of you battling the chlorine this winter.  This stuff rocks!  I still have a few samples of the shampoo, conditioner body wash and lotion. Winner gets it all!

To find out more about Tri Swim, as well as their other products Foggle and Tri Slide, go to and check them out.

On to the rules. They are actually really simple.  To be eligible to win, you only have to follow to steps.

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Leave a comment on this posting

Bonus entry option:
1. Who is the founder of SBR Sports, Inc.? Hint-The answer can be found at the above website. Just include the answer as part of your comment.

I will select a winner on the January 14th (next Friday) and will be using a random number generator for the selection (

Good luck to everyone and happy training!


  1. Following and Karen Allard, everyone else... you are welcome for the leg work :)

  2. I love TriSlide -- I use that stuff anytime I put on the wetsuit and really lather it up. I put it on my neck, arms, and legs and the suit just flies off.

    I use it on my waterski boots too. My feet just flip right into my boots man.

    Great giveaway Jeff.

  3. oohhhhh, sweet!
    new follower here :)

  4. I forgot to post this part:
    founder, CEO/President, Karen Smidt-Allard

    There are some great swim workouts posted there too so that was definitely a great little bonus for me

  5. Awesome, looking forward to following you and HUGE fan of TRISWIM!

  6. Just joined as a follower! :) Looking forward to catching up on some of your blog postings.
    Extra entry answer: Karen Smidt-Allard

  7. Love, love, love me some Tri Swim. My whole family (all swimmers) are huge fans. My hubby who really isn't into lotions and "crap" - definitely digs the body wash and lotion. My daughter is on swim team with almost butt length blonde hair. You would never guess she's a swimmer - her hair is always gorgeous! The Tri Slide is awesome for wetsuits, also love it as lube for other spots too.

    I'm already a follower and Karen Smidt-Allard is the founder.

    Cool give away!

  8. I love the stuff! Wish I had some Tri Slide or Foggle to give-a-way. I have plenty of hair care and lotion though. Good luck to everyone.

  9. Triswim? Sounds interesting! Does it come in pineapple flavor? :P

    Following already!