Sunday, February 6, 2011

The new ride is almost here!

New pedals....check.
New seat....check.
New bike to put new pedals and new seat on....almost.

The new Kestrel 4000 is 1-2 weeks away.  And I can't wait!  Not that the weather has been all that cooperative which would have allowed me to ride outside anyways. 

Beside waiting for the new bike, I have been mainly doing some light running in preparation for a March half marathon that I will be doing with my brother and dad.  Today was a slow 8 miler.  Had a little knee pain near the end of the run, but nothing that I am overly concerned about...yet.  Lastly, I hope that old ground hog was right about an early spring, because I can't stand doing workouts inside.  I mean, I really can't stand them.  Running on a treadmill or doing a 5 miler on a .1/mile track is getting really, really old.  Bring on the sunshine!

Keep smiling and enjoy what you are doing, because you might not always be able to do it!


  1. cool! can't wait to see some hot bike porn!! lol

  2. I'm waiting on pins and needles for my Kestrel to come...can't wait!!!

  3. how do you know it's only a few weeks out????

  4. I'm with Laura... did you get some insider info??? :)

  5. I am right there about being ready for the bike. I was just commenting about that yesterday. What bike seat? And what's up with everyone having knee pain????