Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I wonder if this is how Doogie Howser felt? So, my name is Josh and I am a triathlete. No, really, I am. I am not the fastest swimmer...or biker...or runner, but I am a triathlete. And hopefully on August the 30th, I will be an Ironman.

Today, I rode the spinning bike for an hour and followed that up with a quick 15 minute run. Doesn't that sound like a grand time? While pedaling in a dark room at the gym, I followed along on my cell phone as my Memphis Tiger's beat the Mighty Mustangs of SMU (well maybe not so mighty). Currently I am training about 10 hours a week in preparation for the Memphis in May triathlon. As we get closer to August, that training number will go way up.

This triathlon "thing" started for me last year. I would like to thank my friend Erik for that. What started out with me buying an entry level bike and to see if I liked this triathlon thing, has ended up with the purchase of a new bike, along with numerous other toys, and an entry into the Louisville Ironman. What a leap huh? Man is it addicting though!

I will be using this page to update my training as well as share other triathlon and non-triathlon stories. I will do my best to keep it light and fresh, but I won't make any promises. Good night all.

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