Thursday, February 12, 2009

Training,sponsors, bruised egos and other various musings...

So far so good on the training front. Currently I am doing about 9-10 hours a week. Usually 2-3 swims, 2-3 runs and 3 time a week on the bike. This is really in preparation for the Memphis in May event as well as building a base for Louisville. I have a swim lesson in a couple of weeks. I am looking forward to this since I am a self taught swimmer. I am sure I am doing all kinds of things wrong so I would like to get that corrected before race season. Michael Phelps I am not!

I have a sponsor! I have teamed up with Trakkers GPS for this year. The company has a product that will allow others to follow me through training and races via google map. They are still in the testing phase which is where athletes (no laughing, that is what I call myself) like me will be using the product in various races and offering feedback. The idea seems like a very useful one. I know there have been many times in training when my wife wondered where I was. It would also allow friends and family to know where to look for you during races. An added bonus of the product is that the user can chart his workout stats after the fact. The device is worn like a watch and the user will have to subscribe to a monthly service (I believe). I am looking forward to using the device and will provide updates and facts as I learn more.

I am also raising money for the children of St. Jude in conjunction with my Ironman race. I hope to raise $10,000 by race day. No children are ever turned away for lack f funds and the hospital uses donations to help fund the treatment and to look for cures for childhood illnesses and diseases.

On to some self humiliation of the day. So tonight, I was doing a 5 mile run. About 4.5 miles into the run, I came up on a driveway that had a drop-off. So obviously I look down to make sure I don't trip, roll an ankle, etc. as any normal person would do. As I was doing this, all of a sudden I was knocked onto my keister. You guessed it...I had run smack dab into a ginormous tree limb. As I sat on the sidewalk (it was on one of the busiest streets in town, so I am sure many motorist got a kick out of it), my ears were ringing and my head and pride were in serious pain. I now am sporting a big knot on the top of my noggin. Just another day in the life of an athlete:)


  1. Trakkers sounds very cool! Keep us updated on it. and you are sponsered --- how very cool is THAT?! // haha and running into a tree. I'm sure you made some motorists laugh ;)

  2. wow: sponsorship sounds amazing! would love to know how you got involved with that, did you approach/know someone?? please tell!!