Monday, March 15, 2010

Nothin' goin' on but the rent...

Not much to report this week. 4.5 weeks out from New Orleans 70.3. My long run went well this week. I did 11 miles in right at 1:27, which is pretty good for me. My long ride on Sunday was canceled due to rain. These next two weeks are pretty critical as far as I am concerned. I am not looking to PR New Orleans (being tha it is an earlier season race), but I would like for it to be a fun uneventful (i.e. no issues) race that I am doing with my brother and friend. Time to buckle down!

I would like to throw out a quick "shout out" to Saucony for my Paramount 2's. I know I have done a review on them in the past, but the more times I run in them, the more I love them. Tonight a ran a quick recovery run in somewhat chilly weather. It was about 48 degrees when I left, and I was a little cold. My feet on the other hand were NOT! The comfortemp upper liner in the shoe does what it says it does (at least in cold weather...have not tested in hot weather). According to their website (, when foot temperature drops below 82 degrees, the liner releases stored heat to regulate the temp. It worked tonight. Love these shoes! I would also, like to repeat that since I got these shoes I have n longer been using my custom orthotics....I'm just sayin'! Props to Saucony on these shoes.

Until next week...

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