Sunday, March 7, 2010

This is normal....right?

What a great weekend! The weather was absolutely gorgeous. We hosted a wedding shower for my brother this weekend, so the house was filled with yummy treats and food. It was good to visit with friends and family and soak in some sunshine for the first time in a while.

Today we headed out for a 56 mile bike in preparation for New Orleans 70.3. As usual, I was running a bit late this morning when my brother showed up. He showed up right at 10am and I had only eaten a bowl of delicious Honey Nut Cheerios. Thinking that would not get me through the ride, I decided to grab two yummy mini Rainbow Chip icing cupcakes leftover from the party. I mean it is carbs....right? I also took my First Endurance Multi-V, which I will talk about in a little bit, but man does this stuff work. Anywho, the ride is going great. I am feeling fresh and climbing better than I have all year. I feel invincible. And then mile 40 hits and a ginormous bear jumped on my back. I hit the proverbial wall. Luckily, there was a gas station about 5 miles away, so I limped into the store and decided to fuel up on what else.....the biggest Rice Krispy Treat I have ever seen. This is normal bike nutrition right? It helped a bit, but not much. I finished the ride and at this moment I am now laying on the couch...5 hours later. Moral of the story...take your nutrition seriously.

I did muster up the energy to take my daughter on a bike ride and dig around in the dirt for some cool (her rules, not mine) rocks. I was also able to help some fellow riders out with a mechanical problem that allowed them to finish their ride. So all in all, despite the not-so-stellar ride, I feel like today was a success.

Now a quick note on the First Endurance Multi-V...the stuff works. At first I wasn't sure that I could tell a difference, but now I am a believer. I have really noticed the past few rides that I stay stronger longer than before. If you haven't heard about the stuff, check it out at If you have heard of the company, but have yet to try any of their products....WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? If it is good enough for me...oh who am I kidding? I eat Rice Krispy Treats during my long rides. But seriously, Contador uses first Endurance...Cavendish uses First Endurance....the Lovato's use First Endurance, why aren't you?

Have a great week everyone and remember to laugh and smile each will make you feel better.

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  1. I love Rice Krispie Treats! Like majorly love them. BUT, they only work when used in addition to fairly good nutrition, which you most definitely failed on! Well, now you know that at New Orleans you can eat the kitchen sink and still finish in one piece. That's a lesson right?