Monday, March 19, 2012

More sponsors and race news....

I want to start this blog off welcoming Pearl Izumi and PowerBar as new sponsors to the Rev3 Triathlon team. I can't wait to start using their products. Whether it be the Power Bar Nut Natural Energy Bars or the Power Bar Perform sports drinks, I will be depending on them to get me through my races this year. I am also looking forward to using the Pearl Izumi line on the bike and on the run. Welcome to the team!

In race news, I just completed my first race of the season this past weekend. I am happy to report that I also have my first PR of the season. I finished the Germantown half marathon in 1:57:30. While it is not a blazing speed to some, it is a personal best for me. This is a race that I usually use to kick off my season and to get motivated for the years coming races. Considering the limited training I put into this race, I am extremely happy with the results and hope this continues into the triathlon season. I have 2 Olympic distance races in May. Rev3 Knoxville and Memphis in May triathlon. Before those arrive though, I need to decide if I am going to add in another local half marathon. I am torn on whether or not to enter. On one hand, it is additional run training, of which I need. On the other hand, it is the week before Rev3 Knoxville and I am not sure I want to take the chance in it limiting my potential in that race. What do you guys think? Enter the half marathon or concentrate on Rev3 Knoxville?


  1. I think that any of those spopnsor products that you have extra go to me!!!! Nice work on the Germantown Half, it was hotter out there than I expected!

  2. Loving the PB products so far :) nom nom nom

    Congrats on the PR!! woot!!