Monday, April 30, 2012

Racing, studying and hurting.....

First things first. Training is going pretty well so far. I am swimming faster. I have lowered my fastest 100's by over 10 seconds from last year and am hitting 1:35 pretty regularly. Not bad for a self taught swimmer. I also have PR'ed both a Half-marathon and my 5k times. I finally broke 2 hours in the Germantown half-marathon which was an improvement of over 8 minutes. I also PR'ed a recent 5k by over 1 minute and 20's with a time of 23'10. So training and racing in the early season is going pretty well. Rev3 Knoxville is this weekend, so let's hope that the early season success continues.

Studying for the CPA exam is going. I took the first part today and hope to hear back regarding my score in about 2 weeks. I take another part at the end of May and then will schedule the remaining 2 parts later in the year. I am already counting down the days until this is over:)

Lastly, the hurting part. I am having some issues with my left leg. PR's and speed improvements aside, the leg is giving me some problems. It hurts quite regularly from my butt down to the outside of my knee. In addition to this pain, my left calf is quite frequently tight. I am not sure if this is related to the other pain or if it is a result of over compensating to relieve some of the pain. I haven't been properly diagnosed and have never had IT band issues. So for those that have had this issue before, does this sound like IT band issues? If so, what do you do about it?

Thanks for reading...hope to see you at the races:)


  1. IT band, tight glute sounds like the right neck of the world. Foam roller + more frequent stretching + some strength training would be ideal to help settle things down a bit.

  2. I agree that it sounds like an IT band issue. I love my foam roller. I got mine at Target!

  3. I'll get me a roller then. Ryan, I usually do some strength work about 2 times a week, but could stretch a bit more.

  4. Hey, Can you share what your studying technique/schedule is like while you train? I'm training for a 70.3 (coming up soon) and 140.6 (next August) but am Also trying to get my CPA but having problems finding the balance. Any suggestions?