Sunday, February 28, 2010

Proud Daddy stories, training and of course...product reviews!

So, being a Dad is pretty cool. I have come to the conclusion that your kids will do just about anything that you tell them to and will try to do some things that you do. Recently my daughter has decided to inform people, some random, some not, that I am an Ironman. Despite what my wife thinks, I have never told her to do this. I have a small Ironman tattoo on my wrist, but other than that, I never really mention it outside of my wife and training partners (who did the race with me). Well the other day, my daughter and I were riding bikes and she said that when she got older, she was going to be an Ironman like out Chrissy! I felt a little emotional:) Now there are things that I do try to get my daughter to do and say for a good laugh. Among other things, she now can do the sprinkler dance move, sing numerous Black Eyed Pea songs on the karaoke machine, and eve tells me "peace out" when I drop her off at daycare in the morning (complete with a fist pound followed by an explosion of course). Well, the newest thing she does now is to tell people that the party doesn't start until she walks in (yes the line from the Ke$ha song). Such a proud dad:) Around the beginning of May, I will have another young mind to mold, when our second daughter arrives.

This weekend has been a pretty good training weekend. The weather has finally gotten above 50 so I did a 30 mile ride Saturday followed by a 10 mile run today. Only 7 weeks until 70.3 New Orleans and I am starting to get excited about it. I am treating this as a "fun race"and not my A race (that will be Cedar Point). I am entering the race with my brother and this will be his first long distance tri, so it should be a good time.

Now to the product reviews. I received some products from the good people at SBR Sports, Inc., who manufacture Tri-Swim hair and skin care, Tri-Slide and Foggle. The hair and skin care are awesome. I no longer have to carry around kids chlorine shampoo in the locker room, thus receiving some strange stares. The products do every thing they claim and remove the wonderful smell of chlorine (not to mention the poison that it is). Their products in the Ti-Swim line include shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion. Recommend it all! But the two products that are my favorite are Tri-Slide and Foggle. Tri-Slide is a spray on anti chafe skin lubricant. Think of body glide in a spray. The stuff is AWESOME! I tried some on my run today by putting it on my feet (have had some hot spots on a few toes lately) and on my nipples (yes I said isn't a fetish, just that some of my long sleeve shirts are a bit loose and tend to rub me raw). The Tri Slide worked flawlessly. Foggle has become another favorite. It is an anti fog wipe. No more leaking anti-fog in my gym bag...YEAH! I tried it the other day on my goggles (which claim to be fog proof....FAIL) and lasted the entire swim (1600 meters) with clear goggles. The good thing about the wipes is that you can reuse them. Simply store them in a zip lock bag, and a wipe can be reused about 5 times. If any one is having problems with foggy goggles, pleas give these things a try. Thanks SBR Sports, Inc. Your stuff rocks!

A final random note....I can't wait for Ludacris new album release. How Low has been a recent favorite during training runs, so I am looking forward to see what the remainder of the album is like. That is all. Train hard and have fun!


  1. When my oldest son was about 2 1/2 I taught him to say "hubba Hubba" when we saw a pretty girl, which was all cute until that one day at the pool when a young teenager girl came to the pool in her bikini and he lets out a " Dada, Hubba Hubba!"

  2. hilarious - it's your god-given right as a father to make your kids say funny stuff, as it is also a mother's god-given right to dress the kids up in obnoxious headpieces, tuxedos, costumes, etc...o it will be glorious

  3. I am lovin' the trislide too... can't wait to try the Foggle!