Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Training and goodies!

First things first....the training is going well. I am about t-minus 12 weeks until Ironman 70.3 New Orleans. This won't be my a race this year, so I am not amping up the training like I will for Cedar Point in September. Right now and am on the trainer about 4 times a week (45-60 minutes at a time), running about 3 times a week, and swimming once a week (looking to ramp that up to 2-3 times a week once I get to the 8 week mark). On the weekends, when weather allows, I try to get in 1 longer bike and 1 longer run. So all in all, I feel like I am right on track.

Now to the goodies! As part of Team Trakkers, I have the opportunity to try out products from various sponsors. Two of the products I just received are some Saucony running shoes and a multi vitamin and Optygen HP from First Endurance.

The Saucony's are the Pro Grid Paramount 2s. I just received them today and my initial impression is the look and feel great. I will be testing them out shortly and by the time I write my next blog, I will have some additional feedback. Out of the box, the seem very comparable to my previous par of shoes which were Asic Nimbus. Without having any stats in front of me, they feel lighter on my foot. The Paramounts also seem like they provide a bit more support. For those that care, they also look "spiffy". They are mainly white with some blue and black accent. More on the performance to come. Check them out at www.Saucony.com!

The second product I just received is a multi vitamin from First Endurance. I don't normally train via times or stats, so any feedback I provide in the future will be based on how I feel during training and races. I am hoping to see the training to become easier at the same perceived exertion level as I have been training. Go to www.firstendurance.com and check them out. Lots of good testimonials from some high level athletes (Team Astana and Team HTC just to name a couple). I also received some of their Optygen HP which I will be trying in the near future. This product is supposed to increase your oxygen intake which increases performance. Once I start it I will also be updating for this product.

I am looking forward to trying the products and seeing what improvements they will provide. Off to the trainer! Have fun and train safe.



  1. I will really be interested to hear how the Optygen HP works for you! Good luck!

  2. I am trying the Optygen. I've heard good things, so it will be fun to test 'er out!

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    How to ad such to a blog....etc?
    Drop me a note at VictoryisFinishing@blogspot.com

    many thanks