Sunday, February 21, 2010

Shoe review...

First, training has had its ups and downs lately. Two weeks ago, I felt like I was catching a groove on my running. Felt good most runs and was actually posting some faster times. Then last week, I got some sort of stomach virus along with a 102 degree temperature and since then I have been struggling mightily. Rode a somewhat hilly (at least for my area) 32 mile loop and STRUGGLED! Legs felt like they were never there and even though we only rode for about 1.5 hours, I had crazy amounts of salt build up all over my face and body. I also was wiped out later that night as well as today. Not normal:( Hope it is temporary...New Orleans is only about 8 weeks away.

Now to the review. I received a pair of Saucony Pro Grid Paramount 2's as part of Team Trakkers. Before these shoes, I had been using Asic Nimbus for all of last year, including Ironman Louisville. They HAD been my favorite shoes. The Paramount 2's have now surpassed the Nimbus on my shoe scale. It feels light while still providing plenty of stability. The way the shoe is constructed, it almost forces a very efficient heel to forefoot transfer. I haven't even been using my custom sole inserts. Without having any engineering prowess, it almost is as if the shoe cups your heel with support, while giving the front part of your foot the freedom to relax. Hopes this makes since:) The shoe also comes with what the website describes as comforttemp, which regulates the temperature of the shoe. In other words, it keeps your foot warm during the cold runs and cool during the hot runs. The upper par if the shoe is mesh while the insert has a few small holes in it to regulate temperature and provide some air flow. All of this and the shoe looks good too! Great job Saucony! You have converted me from my previous brand loyalty. I say this not because they are a sponsor, but as someone that will pay full price for their product in the future.

In the coming week, I will also be reviewing the First Endurance multi vitamin and my Tri-Swim products. Stay tuned......

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  1. You are making me want to take mine out for their first test run.... pun intended. :)