Monday, July 18, 2011

Down goes Frazier!

In an effort to entertain all of those who read this and to laugh at myself a bit, I thought I would share an anecdote from my ride this weekend.  Our normal 100 mile ride to prepare for Louisville is a 56 mile out and back where we add a second loop of about 40 miles to get us right at 100 miles.  The ride is all on two lane roads that are considered rural and considering we leave at 6am, we see very few cars, especially on the first loop.  Along the route, there are a few 2 way stops where our road crosses a more heavily traveled rural highway.  Some of the intersection have limited sight lines, but you can usually hear the cars coming b/c of the light traffic.  Well, this weekend while on the second loop of our ride, my brother and I came up to one of these very intersections. I looked right (very easy to see traffic looking this way) and noted we were clear.  To the left, sighting cars is limited to about 30-40 yards.  From what I could see, there was nothing coming.  I also didn't hear anything. So as I started to pedal out into the intersection, I suddenly hear "CAR LEFT" in a somewhat dire tone.  I quickly grabbed the front hard in fact that my rear wheel came off the ground.  I managed to get my left foot unclipped, but by the time I did, my balance was a bit off and I began to do the dreaded biker pogo.  You know the start hopping on one foot try to find any way possible to regain your balance and stop the impending tumble.  After a couple of hops, I was feeling confident that I had averted disaster.  That feeling quickly turned to despair on the third and fourth hop.  The fifth and sixth hop became quicker than the previous ones, and I am pretty sure that by the 7th and eighth hop, I was on my way to the asphalt. TIMBER! Of course I had manged to fall on the most jagged and rough section of gravel that I could manage to find. Sliced my knee open, bruised my knee and hand, and I have a sore shoulder to boot.  I am sure, the incident was humorous to the cars that got to witness the extravaganza. Next time I will come to a complete stop, and double check the traffic situation so I won't become the human pogo stick again:)

See you at the races!


  1. Be careful!! Hope you heal quickly!!

  2. I've never done the pogo; I usually just end up laid out on my side still clipped in. Recover quickly!